Burts Bees Baby

Rub a Dub Dub

When Cooper came home from the hospital he was 5lbs 1oz and the nurse told us to wait a couple of weeks to bathe him so he could fatten up a little to help him regulate his own body temperature a little better. I told the pediatrician what the nurse said at our next appointment and she looked at me like I was totally looney, “go home and give that baby a bath. Bundle him up and cover him in lotion. Have fun, mom.” And that’s exactly what we did.

He liked it…a little. And I loved it. I’m convinced there is nothing better than a clean baby. And rubbing lotion over his tiny belly and down his long legs was better than a plate of all you can eat french fries. And that’s pretty darn good! At first he only got a bath a few times a week because I was wiping down his most important parts at least 10 times a day anyways. I couldn’t believe there were people out there who actually gave their babies a bath EVERY DAY. Absurd! But then we started solids and I was all “Aha!”. And now we are proud members of the daily bathers club. Burts Bees Baby These days Cooper is so used to the bath he starts kicking his legs like crazy when he sees it filling up in the tub and it’s the part of out nightly routine I look forward to the most. He’s splashing like a mad man, which means I’m usually getting a second hand shower at the same time. But sometimes Dad likes to get in on the action too. And I just love wrapping him in a towel and kissing that wet face as many times as he’ll let me before he’s all “MOM! C’mon!” Burts Bees Baby When we weren’t doing so many baths I just used my plain old J&J because well, I had enough from my baby shower to last us a lifetime and no one likes to be wasteful. But now that we’re covered in drool, baby food, dried puffs, carpet lint, and I’m afraid to know what else, by the end of the day a daily baths is a MUST and I found it to be a little too harsh and drying on his sweet buttermilk skin. I wanted something more natural, less fragranced, and not bubblegum pink. I’ve loved Burt’s Bees for a long time and always have a tube of their pomegranate chap stick in my bag and have sworn by it for years. I’ve been wanting to try out their baby line but couldn’t justify it since I had at least 3 brand new bottles of the other stuff just sitting around. But now that I did, there’s just no going back.

So far we’ve had the chance to try out the 2-in-1 diaper cream and powder (are we the only ones struggling with constant diaper rash? Using this at night seems to be helping though!) and the fragrance free lotion and shampoo/body wash. And even though there’s no added fragrance, the lotion and body wash definitely have a smell but it’s not fake and overpowering. This is what a baby is supposed to smell like. Or as Corey would say every night when I’m giving Cooper his nightly massage, “Ahhh! That smelllllll!” Burts Bees Baby BB6 Burts Bees Baby And then my favorite part of all – fresh pajamas and feeling the weight of his head on my chest as we rock back and forth. He slowly drifts off to sleep as I close my eyes and breathe in the delicious smell of my precious baby boy.  Burts Bees Baby
Sweet dreams, my love.

disclosure | this post was sponsored by Burt’s Bees. all opinions are my own.



I was so sure that when I had a baby and was able to stay home I would have so much extra time and would be finally be able to do all those craft projects and clean out that bathroom cabinet we’ve been neglecting since we moved in. You don’t need to tell me because I already know – I was wrong! So so very wrong. And naive! I feel like I actually get LESS done now than when I worked 6 days a week. Long naps are scarce around here and usually as soon as I sit down to do something he wakes up. Isn’t that how it always works? How do they knowwww?

The heat is keeping us in the house almost all week and I’m loosing track of what day it is. How is already the middle of August? Did we skip July this year? I must have missed the memo. My house is full of half finished projects and my drafts folder is overflowing with before pictures that are waiting for the afters. I don’t remember the last time I washed the floor but I do vacuum every day. Does that count? Is anyone counting? Things are getting done, little by little, but it’s just not fast enough for me. I don’t know when I’ll learn to just sit back and relax but I hope it’s soon. I’m starting to think anxiety is just a part of my diet. Like one of the food group. Right there next to coffee. That one’s important! I’m always worried that I forgot to pay a bill, or turn an article in, or just something. My dryers broken, my roof needs a new inspection, and there’s a light on my dashboard that won’t go away. It’s always something.

I’m not sure what this rambling is all about except that it’s almost midnight and everyone is sleeping except me. I just wanted to let you know I’m still here! And I hope you are! I’m just trying to find the time to fit it all in. But I do have big things planned and pages of ideas and half written posts floating around in my head. Soon! I pinky promise.

Now, some pictures because you deserve something cute after reading all that nonsense.

DSC_0871 DSC_0876 DSC_0882




Adventures in Baby Wearing

I always wanted to get in on the whole baby wearing thing, but I never really knew where to start. I was given a Seven sling and it worked great in the very beginning but since it’s not adjustable we didn’t use it for long. I also had an Infantino front carrier and a side carrier, but those things have more buckles and straps than I know what to do with and Cooper always seemed uncomfortable just sorta hanging there. What do they call them? Crotch danglers? A few of my friends are in the Tula cult, but I don’t have that kind of money.

I took the plunge and ordered a ring sling from a shop I saw on Etsy and Instagram (Lily and Mama) and I instantly felt guilty about spending money on something I might not even use. That was always my question, “but wouldn’t putting him in the cart just be easier?” And yes, sometimes it is. I need full mobility in Target! But I love carrying Cooper around and by the sounds he makes when I put him down, I’d say he digs it too. In the few weeks I’ve had the sling I found myself reaching for it more than I expected to. There was only one real place I knew I needed the sling for…the beach (just to stick our toes in the sand after dinner and walk the pier) but we still haven’t gone yet. It’s on the list though.

One day we went to Marshall’s to do a little perusing and just get out of the house. On the way there I asked Corey “you grabbed the cart cover, right?” He said yes, but what he really meant was nope, I left it on the couch. Sorry. But the sling was in the diaper bag and we ended up walking around for a good 45 minutes without so much as a single grunt of protest.

The farmer’s market where it’s usually jam packed with hardly any room to walk – give me that sling! A quick walk to the park – sling! Laps around the living room with a teething baby – well, you know. SLING! But seriously, if Cooper is in the sling chances are he is or is getting ready to fall asleep. We were standing in line to pay at Marshall’s and I was trying to keep him awake long enough to get back to the car. And one afternoon a tooth was ripping its way through my sweet baby’s gums and a nap seemed like wishful thinking, I grabbed the sling because yikes, baby’s are heavy, and after 10 minutes I walked past the mirror and BAM:

At about 16.5 pounds he’s getting pretty heavy to carry around and it’s only going to get worse for my poor back. Luckily, he seems to really like it and usually reacts much better in new situations (this month) in the sling. When Corey and I went to the park I had him in the sling and he didn’t cry once. When I walked there to meet my mom last week I had him in the stroller and as soon as he saw all the kids running around and couldn’t see me, he freaked out and I just ended up holding him the whole time anyways. It took a little getting used to in the beginning but we’re pretty much pros now.

I’m having a great time being this little boy’s mama and having him close is just the way I like it. I may not understand the whole toddler wearing thing (don’t they want to walk?), but this baby wearing is mighty fine.