Coreys birthday

The Big 2-9

On Sunday it was the King of our castles birthday, and it was a big one. Well really, it was the big one before the BIG one, but it was still a pretty great day. We woke up and hung around the house in our pajamas until after Cooper’s morning catnap. I’ve had these baby tank tops just waiting for a good hot day like today.

IMG_6611 IMG_6606
Then it was off to the Harbor Freight (is it crazy that I love this place? I always find the most random but best things ever – today? solar color changing lights for the flower bed) and the farmer’s market to pick up some grass fed beef for the birthday boy and more pineapple for mama.
IMG_6566 IMG_6562
Cooper wasn’t as excited as we were and promptly decided sleep was more enticing. Hey, I’m not complaining!
A quick fast food lunch date in the car while the prince napped was just what we needed. It was quite lovely, if you must know.
IMG_6599 IMG_6601
After that it was back to the house for more play time, another nap, and a visit from Grandma. We sat on the carpet together while Dad played guitar and I asked Cooper where his nose is 5 million times (no clue) and it was perfect. We grilled up that steak, made a pot of beans and rice, fried up a few plantains and some onions, and maybe opened a few beers. The laziest birthday there ever was came to a commence with a slice of Carvel ice cream cake (we actually ate the whole thing in one night. #noregrets) after the boy went to bed. Throw in a little late night TV and a snuggle or two and I felt like I was the one having the birthday.
Coreys birthday
Happy 29th, Daddy-o. We love you!

Firmoo Glasses Review

Hey There, Four Eyes! // A Firmoo Review

FIRMOO Glasses Review
I didn’t get glasses until I was in high school. I didn’t even know I needed them until I was sitting in the back of the room one day and was having trouble seeing the board. I thought it was completely normal until I jokingly put on my friends glasses and it was like a whole new world opened up in front of my eyes. I was seriously shocked. I had my mom take me to the eye doctor the very next day. On the way home with my new glasses I was reading all the billboards and street signs! I never knew everyone else could see so well!

Even though I loved being able to see better (my prescription has gotten worse over the years but it was always pretty strong. I have no idea how I didn’t walk in to any walls before) I was really self conscious about wearing them. They didn’t used to be so trendy. I would wear them in class and take them off for the breaks in between because I somehow thought it was less embarrassing. All I did was give myself headaches.

The next year I gave in and bought a pair of black plastic frames and was sold. I was a glasses girl through and through. I do have contacts but since my eyes get really dry, I don’t wear them much. I thought about getting LASIK before, but I really genuinely love wearing my glasses. The problem with glasses though, is how expensive they can be! I bought a pair of black Ray Bans last year and they cost me around $400. I’ve been wanting another pair but wasn’t willing to spend the money. So when Firmoo approached me about working together I was beyond excited.

The ordering process couldn’t be easier. They even have a virtual try on feature to help you choose just the right frames. I “tried on” a few different ones and immediately sent pictures (along with one of me in my current glasses, bottom right, to compare) to Corey, my mom, and my friend Ashley for their opinions. They all picked the bottom left pair:
Firmoo Virtual Try On
All their glasses come with standard 1.5 lenses, and anti-scratch and shatter resistant coatings. But you do have the option to upgrade. Mine came with a thinner 1.57 lens, anti scratch, non glare and a UV coating.

FIRMOO Glasses Review Firmoo Glasses Review
It took about two weeks for my glasses to arrive, but felt like much longer since I was checking the tracking like a mad woman. When they finally got here I was immediately impressed with the quality of the frame. They felt just like the Ray Bans I had and weren’t at all flimsy. The glasses came with both a hard and soft case, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and something else I thought was really great – a keychain screwdriver! Anyone who consistently wears glasses can tell you just how handy this is. I’ve probably bought 10 glasses repair kits in my lifetime and still can never find that little screwdriver when I need it. Now, I’ll never loose it (unless I loose my keys, but let’s not jinx it)!


If you’re in the market for new glasses (they have sunglasses too!), Firmoo not only has great affordable pricing (the ones I chose were only $39) and high quality products, they also have a “First Pair Free” program where they only thing you pay for are the lenses and shipping. It’s a great way to take a risk and try a pair you wouldn’t normally  be drawn towards. I’m already thinking about ordering a few more pairs, and I’d love some prescription sunglasses. I’ve been eyeing these:

What do you think?

Firmoo Glasses Review

disclosure | this post was sponsored by FIRMOO. all opinions are my own.

Copper at the park

A Day At The Park

We’re in the house A LOT during the week. Corey’s been working late and it’s sweltering outside, which really limits our options. I try to avoid just going to the store because I usually end up spending money on stuff I don’t need, so we end up staying inside playing all day long. After a few days in a row of this, I start going stir crazy.

On Saturday’s I head to work around 1:45pm, right before Cooper’s (hopefully) long afternoon nap, so we’ve been trying to get in a little family time in the mornings. It might be hot but we could all use a little more fresh air. There’s a park a few blocks from our house and we’ve taken Cooper before but he mostly just slept in the stroller while we did laps. So if you want to get technical, this is not his first time at the park, but we’re not the technical type around here.

The sun was beating down on us with a fury and as soon as we got there we were sweating and ready to turn around. But I’ll be damned if I wasn’t going to do a little swinging and a little sliding first.

Cooper_Park photo 1 (1) photo 2 photo 5 Copper at the park


8 Months Old!

This was a big month for Cooper. He finally sits, totally unsupported, for as long as a half an hour. Or until a toy slightly out of his reach catches his eye. He’s trying to crawl but honestly, I think he’ll go straight to standing. If I sit in front of him with my hands out, he’ll grab on and pull himself up but he hasn’t tried doing it on his own…yet. He’s still the happiest baby ever, who hates to take naps but we’ve been getting lucky lately and he’s finally going down for an hour or more.

When I look at him I’m starting to see more of a little person and less of a baby and it makes me so excited and terrified at the same time. I’m sad to see the squishy baby phase go but I can’t wait until he’s running around the house. But for now, I am enjoying the sitting. Sitting is wonderful. I love that we can sit on the rug and play together instead of me just dangling toys in front of his face.

According to the bathroom scale, he’s weighing in at a whopping 15 pounds and is wearing 6-12 month clothes (but the only pair of shorts that fit him are 0-3 months!). His first tooth (bottom) came through the other day and it still surprises me every time I catch a glimpse of it. The other day I was trying to picture what Cooper will look like with a mouth full of teeth and I just couldn’t do it. I’m sure I’ll know first hand soon enough, and it will still be too soon.

He is so much fun to be around and it’s only getting better. Out of all the things in my life, being his mom is by far my favorite!