Copper at the park

A Day At The Park

We’re in the house A LOT during the week. Corey’s been working late and it’s sweltering outside, which really limits our options. I try to avoid just going to the store because I usually end up spending money on stuff I don’t need, so we end up staying inside playing all day long. After a few days in a row of this, I start going stir crazy.

On Saturday’s I head to work around 1:45pm, right before Cooper’s (hopefully) long afternoon nap, so we’ve been trying to get in a little family time in the mornings. It might be hot but we could all use a little more fresh air. There’s a park a few blocks from our house and we’ve taken Cooper before but he mostly just slept in the stroller while we did laps. So if you want to get technical, this is not his first time at the park, but we’re not the technical type around here.

The sun was beating down on us with a fury and as soon as we got there we were sweating and ready to turn around. But I’ll be damned if I wasn’t going to do a little swinging and a little sliding first.

Cooper_Park photo 1 (1) photo 2 photo 5 Copper at the park


8 Months Old!

This was a big month for Cooper. He finally sits, totally unsupported, for as long as a half an hour. Or until a toy slightly out of his reach catches his eye. He’s trying to crawl but honestly, I think he’ll go straight to standing. If I sit in front of him with my hands out, he’ll grab on and pull himself up but he hasn’t tried doing it on his own…yet. He’s still the happiest baby ever, who hates to take naps but we’ve been getting lucky lately and he’s finally going down for an hour or more.

When I look at him I’m starting to see more of a little person and less of a baby and it makes me so excited and terrified at the same time. I’m sad to see the squishy baby phase go but I can’t wait until he’s running around the house. But for now, I am enjoying the sitting. Sitting is wonderful. I love that we can sit on the rug and play together instead of me just dangling toys in front of his face.

According to the bathroom scale, he’s weighing in at a whopping 15 pounds and is wearing 6-12 month clothes (but the only pair of shorts that fit him are 0-3 months!). His first tooth (bottom) came through the other day and it still surprises me every time I catch a glimpse of it. The other day I was trying to picture what Cooper will look like with a mouth full of teeth and I just couldn’t do it. I’m sure I’ll know first hand soon enough, and it will still be too soon.

He is so much fun to be around and it’s only getting better. Out of all the things in my life, being his mom is by far my favorite!

Cooper on the carpet

How to Fight With Your Crib Sheet Less // Work Smarter Not Harder

Our house has been sort of at a standstill lately. Cooper had his first fever (100.6!) the other day and a case of roseolla, but that cleared it self right up in a few days. Then on Sunday I woke up feeling great, feed Cooper, and BAM! it was like being hit in the face with a baseball bat. All the sudden I was down for the count. My head was congested, my body ached, I was going from hot to cold, you name it I felt it. I don’t get sick often so when Corey saw me napping on the couch he knew it was serious. So he stepped up, took care of me, helped with Cooper, and transformed out backyard in one weekend (more on that later). Sometimes he makes it look too easy.

Anyways, I had a lot of things lined up, lost of things drafted, but then you know…life. But I thought I’d share something I learned the other day that I thought was so smart and simple and couldn’t believe I never heard of it before.

Ok, so for anyone who has ever changed a crib sheet knows, it’s no joke. It’s serious work! I don’t know about you, but mine get spotted pretttyy quickly. It’s usually a little sweet potato tainted drool and sometimes a wet leaky diaper, but it’s never more than a few days after I put it on. I always dread changing it and am guilty of just leaving for a day or two it if it’s just colored drool. Whatever. When I was pregnant I looked at mattress protectors but never bought one because they all felt so plasticy. But I found a great alternative.

So when my mom told me about something she seen online (where? I don’t know. Sorry!) I was sold. It was genius! What you do is double layer your crib sheets so that when one is soiled you can just take off the top layer and save yourself at least one headache, for a little while (I’ll take what I can get!). I know what you’re thinking, won’t it just leak through?  Yes, it would…if it wasn’t for pet peepee pads!

How to Change Crib Sheet Less Often Quick Tip

Yup, I put dog peepee pads in Cooper’s bed. Two layers actually, one under each set of sheets. Since we like to use one of our patterned sheets from the holy land, aka Target, I used a white one as my first layer.

Now the next time Cooper pees through his diaper (hardly ever…so far!) or drools out a little harvest vegetable medley while he’s crawling around dreamland all I’ll have to do is take off one layer



…well we thought it was pretty cool!

Cooper on the carpet

DIY Chalkboard

DIY Chalkboard Update

DIY Chalkboard
I used to have a smaller white chalkboard hanging here that was used at our wedding, but the chalkboard paint was getting scratched off the glass and it was time for a new coat. It sounded like a good plan, but as soon as Corey took the glass out it shattered. So I did what every reasonable person does. I got in the car and drove over to the thrift store and bought another frame. Problem solved.

The old frame even got a new home. A few weeks earlier I broke the cheap, plastic frame around our guest book/photo mat (that still doesn’t have a wedding picture in it) and the white frame was a perfect fit. When I figured this out I was actually glad that first piece of glass broke. Now to just get a picture printed and may I can finally get it hung after almost 2 years of marriage.

I originally intended to just use the glass from the new frame, but I liked how much thicker it was and that it took up a little more room on the wall. For the new chalkboard, we went with a turquoise to add some more punch to our (off)white walls and I now want to spray paint everything this color.

DIY Chalkboard
When I say *I* want to spray paint what I really mean is I want Corey to spray paint. You may not know this, but he is a master spray painter. Seriously. All his projects comes out perfect and mine are always spotty and drippy because I’m way too impatient. I know my strengths, and spray painting isn’t one of them. Lucky for me, I picked a good one.

DIY Chalkboard
Add a quick bunting made from some printed duct tape and a little twine and this is easily my favorite corner of the house. For now. I’m still looking for something to go on the wall next to the chalkboard but can’t make up my mind. What else is new?  DIY Painted Flowerpot

I painted this little flower pot a few years ago on a whim one afternoon when I had time to just do things like that. The plant I originally put in it died and it’s just been sitting in the windowsill full of dirt ever since. I love that I finally found a home for it and I’m thinking about giving him a few friends soon, if I can find the time.

Things are getting done around here and to do lists and getting smaller, just not as quickly as we’d like. Most of our projects are bigger, take all weekend, type of things. So it feels good to cross something off, even if it is just a small chalkboard update. One thing at a time.

DIY Chalkboard