Picking Strawberries


Last weekend my parents, the baby, the Mister, and I loaded up and drove thirty minutes to pick strawberries. This is literally the only thing like this we have in our area, so I was really excited to try it out.

He was also super excited to be up at 10am on Sunday morning after a late Jack Daniels fueled night:


Hailey may have loved the whole thing more than any of us. She had her basket and she was off!


She wanted every strawberry in the entire place in her basket. If I had one in my hand she would run over, point, and grunt. Which basically meant “You better hand over that strawberry before I throw a fit!”


There is such a huge difference between these hydroponically grown strawberries and the ones we have at the grocery store. They’re double the price and usually turn to mush in just a few days. These stayed good for the whole week. I just finished making a batch of jam with mine to give away as Christmas presents (tutorial coming soon!).


Then we saw a donkey,


tried to feed the goat our strawberries,


and posed for pictures by the fountain.



All in all, a great Sunday indeed.

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